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Philips Safety Nets is the Hyderabad based specialized and stockist in protection safety nets. This dedicated quality assurance safety net company found by Jacob. We have built professional manpower in the field to ensure quality deliverable for local and overseas clients. With this support , we have hope to provide best of service to our customers and be a favourable for all sectors of safety needs of our clients.


Why Our Product is Best

  • A good network with leading safety manufacturers.
  • Management, knowledge and  resources support from in-house professionals and established industrial clients.
  • Dedicated quality assurance process for every items we deliver to our clients.
  • Just in time delivery process with readily available stocks.
  • Wide range and cost effective price.

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Balcony Safety Nets


Anti Bird Nets


Pigeon Protection Nets


Children Safety Nets


Construction Safety Nets


Sports Practice Nets

What Our Clients Says

I just wanted to convey regards to Philips Enterprises with heartily wishes. Every one of the company are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. You made our family completely comfortable with safety nettings provided.

Marry Joseph / Shobha Dew Flower

I believe the support and leadership of Philips Enterprise's provided safety nets. Your team workers are very proactive and engaged as managed the permitting process without incident. Great Job

Madivanan / L&T South City

I wanted tell thanks for a great job, it was good see your work with your true commitment for safety. We are happily living at high building.

Rajesh Sharma / Purva Venezia

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